What a strong lady he was hitching a ride on! The little bird had to resist clapping with all his might. What a show, he thought. When Suika passed near another tree, the bird chose to hop down from her horn to the top of her head and take a seat there. He made sure not to mess up her hair; People didn’t tend to like that very much aside from him.

“Hey, Oni lady. Hi~. It’s nice up here, you know.” Thought he wasn’t about to suggest that she try it, not being a big fan of being stepped on. 

"Ya’ better not plan on nesting there! If ya’ do there are punishments!" Painful ones. He had already seen a sample of what this Oni girl can do. There was oh, so more to it, and such things where best unseen when you are the target of her fists. The strength of the Oni has been pasted down for centuries in these lands, surely now in the Outside world they are nothing more than myth. How disappointing. Her horns are one of the most treasured things Suika possesses, if this bird dare mess them up or her hair…

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“Oh my, an Oni!” I say somewhat excitedly. It’s always fun meeting new people.

I give a polite bow, “Good day Ma’am. My names Volo, just Volo. Might I ask what your name is?”

"Names Suika Ibuki! Hope ya’ don’t forget it." 

Giving the Tengu a cheeky grin, a traditional Oni grin. Naturally, she was quite tipsy or full on drunk when meeting anyone. She might not remember many names, but she will always adopt a certain nickname to the strangers she had met. 

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The succubus paused mid-stride, turning to face the source of the sickeningly lively voice. Cyan-hued eyes inspected the odd visitor while slender hands found their place upon her full hips. “I suppose I shall thank you for the compliment,” she replied a bit dryly. What a unique presence this girl had, clearly demonic, however, her personality was far too bubbly. 

“However, you may call me Morrigan. ’Demon lady’ does little to exemplify my magnificence.”

"Morrigan, eh? Nice to meet ya’ anyway."

Amber orbs inspected the succubus intently; she had never come across a demon like this one before. She would have used the term Youkai, but that accent and attire said she wasn’t even of the eastern lands. Casually reaching to grab her violet sake Gourd, and to then take a good ol’ sip. Waving a lousy, slim finger at the Succubus in front of her, this Oni did not care for manners.  ”Names Suika Ibuki! You ain’t a native of Gensokyo, so where ya’ from?”

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“Your kind makes me think otherwise when I listen to them in their minds. The satori are not accepted even here, Suika.”

“However my Eye has seen no hostility from you, perhaps you’re one of the few exceptions to the rule?”

"Ehh! You satori are so quiet, though! Perhaps if ya’ went out a tad more, the rest of them would take a good liking to ya’!"

"Well, you satori folk seem like alright people! Not the partying kind, maybe… but there is always room ta’ try!"

"That kitsune kid, sure does love to play with death, don’t she?" 

As the Oni watches the scene unfold, at a good distance. Perched on her thick cloud of mist.